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The One with all the Cacti - Government Canyon

Part of the inspiration for this project came from my own explorations of San Antonio. San Antonio is an interesting city. On first glance its a bit...brown. But on closer inspection, it is full of wildness and beauty. Im originally from Virginia, so the geography of Texas is still new and exciting to me. The more I searched, the more I found! I took a picture of these cacti last April during a hike at Government Canyon. I was drawn to the contrast of green and gray, and how they seemed to point deeper into the hills.

Here is a progress picture! I started with a coral-colored underpainting, to contrast with the green of the cacti. I accentuate the directional lines the cacti make with thick brush strokes.

If you want to see my finished piece, you can find it, and all my other works for this project at Clamplight Gallery, January 2024!

If you haven't filled out my survey, please check it out! I will be crediting those who contribute, and will send you a sticker of the work you help bring to life!

Thank you for reading!

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