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Savanna Loop Trail- Government Canyon

We are frequent visitors of Government Canyon. I love how many different trails there are, ranging from very easy to pretty challenging. Somehow I always *start* on the simple trails, but inevitably I find myself turned around, sidetracked, and unwittingly headed down a five-hour hike. Oh well, at least it's beautiful! This work in progress was inspired by the Savanna Loop Trail. There is this cool fallen tree that doubles as a bench. I find myself drawn to these funky bendy trees, so immediately knew this one would get a painting.

You'll quickly learn that my favorite color to paint with is pink. That certainly is clear in this painting! I do want my paintings to represent their source material, but I seek to capture the feeling of being in a place. I want to highlight these places and celebrate them with bright color and texture!

Thanks for checking out my progress!

- Chloe

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