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I'm the last person to discover acrylic paint

So, I've been painting for a while. The first kind of paint I picked up in high school was watercolor. Not those craft paints you get in a tray in elementary school, but actual in-the-tube watercolor paint. My art teacher in 10th grade saw my potential and allowed me to use her stash of paints. Fast forward to college - I took pretty much every studio course you can take for my art education degree, including a few watercolor courses. College is where I discovered the love of my life: oil paint. I love the smell, the buttery texture, the way the paint just glows. And from that point onward, I was exclusively painting in oil.

Well, a week ago I responded to a Facebook marketplace listing about a lot of art supplies. I show up and there was so much stuff it barely fit in my SUV. When I got home to inventory it, I realized I had over a thousand dollars worth of professional-grade acrylic paint. I have a confession to make. I have always turned my nose up at acrylic. Acrylic paint is the exact opposite of oil. It dries almost immediately. It dries flat. I always associated it with craft projects and paint and sip nights. But as I started practicing with my new acrylics, you can bet I was eating my words. Something I have been loving about acrylics is the potential for glazing. Glazing is when you put translucent paint over top of something you've already painted. Glazing adds tones and luminosity to your painting, and the effect is stunning!

It has been so fun to be a beginner!

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